A fairly simple example of the multiton pattern, with a private constructor, and a tracker for created objects, the name being an integer identifier.

Salient Chacteristic(s)
  • A private keyed list for tracking objects
  • A private constructor
  • Named objects

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;

namespace DesignPatterns
    public class Multiton
        //read-only dictionary to track multitons
        private static IDictionary<int, Multiton> _Tracker = new Dictionary<int, Multiton> { };

        private Multiton()

        public static Multiton GetInstance(int key)
            //value to return
            Multiton item = null;
            //lock collection to prevent changes during operation
            lock (_Tracker)
                //if value not found, create and add
                if(!_Tracker.TryGetValue(key, out item))
                    item = new Multiton();

                    //calculate next key
                    int newIdent = _Tracker.Keys.Max() + 1;

                    //add item
                    _Tracker.Add(newIdent, item);
            return item;


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